I am a Serbian photographer based in Bali, Indonesia. My career began in 2011 with Lumina Images, shooting the Fashion and Lifestyle genre. A few years later, I left the company to satisfy my growing curiosity of the world. This resulted in an expansion of my work to include Food and Travel photography.

My pictures are a celebration of Life and it’s many colors. As no two people are ever the same, no two shoots are the same for me. Each project I undertake is a unique process of exploring, discovering, and expressing.

Today, I work with Stocksy United, where we create premium stock images to meet the growing demand for fresh and high-quality visual content. You can view and purchase my images here.

If you are a brand, business or individual looking for an authentic visual expression, I am available for creative collaborations and commissioned work. Send me an email today to discuss your next project at mayaviolet@gmail.com.